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Why Should You Invest in Walk in Baths in Your Home?



Why Should You Invest in Walk in Baths in Your Home?

Walk in baths are a major investment for anyone to make. The disabled and the elderly can benefit greatly from installing a walk in bath in their homes.

There are a number of grants available throughout the country. These can enable the poor to get the support they need. Some doctors will even recommend disabled baths as part of a medical treatment.

Here are some of the reasons why you should install a walk in bath in your home.

Getting in and Out of Tubs

The problem with conventional baths is it’s difficult to get out of them. Climbing in and out requires a degree of strength, which a lot of people don’t have.

If someone gets trapped in the bath, this can leave them in a distressed and embarrassed state.

Disabled baths come with a little door to get in and out of the bath. They also come with handrails to make standing up easy.



Baths are slip hazards. Walk in baths have been accused of not addressing the potential for slipping. Commercial bubble baths and other shower products can leave the bottom of the bath difficult to stand on. It’s essentially like polishing and buffing a wooden floor.

Many newer baths come with anti-slip flooring. They have a permanent surface with grips on to prevent slipping. Instead of a completely smooth surface, there will be a slight roughness to it.

This anti-slip flooring doesn’t make sitting in the bath uncomfortable, however.

Health Benefits

Many elderly and disabled people avoid bathing due to the difficulties of getting in and out. Disabled baths offer a number of health benefits.

Firstly, it allows people to bathe and clean themselves. This alone helps to stave off illnesses.

Another reason is many baths now contain air and water jets. These massage different parts of the body automatically. It can help to relieve much of the joint pain many older people suffer from.

House Prices

Look at this investment as an investment for the future. If someone lives in a retirement community, a bath like this can increase the value of a house.

These are highly desirable and it means people will pay more for a property with one. It will never take away from the value of a house. In the long-term, the added value can more than repay the initial investment cost.


Investments like these are designed to provide the infirm with independence. People often forget how important independence is, even at an advanced age.

Independence means allowing people to do what they like without aid. Many people in positions of weakness don’t like having others help them with basic tasks. They want to retain their independence.

It’s why it’s so common to see older people who don’t bathe regularly enough. If they can’t do it themselves they’d rather not do it at all. The joints might start to get weaker, but a person’s pride never changes.

Walk in tubs give people the chance to retain their independence.

In many cases, it’s devices like these allowing people to stay in their own homes. Without a bath like this, it could mean they have to sell their property and move into a retirement home.

Overall, we’ve established disabled bathing tubs are ideal for people who want to retain their independence. The investment cost may look high, but think about the long-term and the options available to you. It’s possible to get independent funding from charities and other organisations.

This investment could be the best investment you ever make during the course of your life!



Selecting the Best Conferencing Equipment



Selecting the Best Conferencing Equipment

When you are planning an important video conference, it is ideal to purchase the highest-quality products. In order to be absent from periods of buffering or stalling, speed and performance are of the utmost importance.

You will need video conferencing equipment that can perform. What this means is that you want to make sure your system is completely up to date, first and foremost. New technology is also important as it is built for performance.

Keep in mind that the machine being used is as important as the software or VoIP program being used.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic connections transfer data at a faster and smoother rate. It also helps to filter out interference. This helps to ensure that an overseas VoIP connection is as smooth as a face-to-face meeting.

Using fiber optic cabling is more expensive but it is also the highest quality cabling that you can use.

Monitor Quality

On both the delivering and receiving ends, a quality monitor is a necessity. You will also want to use a monitor that is 1080p or higher in definition. These properties make it possible for you to see true imagery without pixilation.

The size of the monitor used is also important. Something larger than a traditional laptop or personal computer screen is ideal. Generally speaking, a monitor that is 26-inches or larger, diagonally, shows clearer images.

Larger screens, where additional media are concerned, help to bring out detail without having to enlarge images. Those on the receiving end of a presentational conference will not have to pause to view written or photographic displays.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is important. This means that you will want to use a volume control, noise cancelling microphone. An external device is better than a built-in microphone solution.

Select an option such as one of these:

  • Bluetooth boom-style microphone

  • Corded microphone plugging into the laptop or desktop

  • Desktop microphone with noise cancellation features

  • Headset with volume control

With these options, you are sure to have a clear connection. The speed of the Internet used and quality of the software program are also key players in the success of a video conference.

Transfer Rate Speed

You must have a fast transfer rate in order to prevent pauses, lag and missed information sharing. If you are using a screen sharing method, the person/people watching should be able to interact and see what you are doing in real time.

If your transfer rate is not at a desirable level, consider speaking with the Internet provider to see about a faster package. When this is not a possibility, consider overclocking the processor. There are ways around obtaining the speed that you need for successful video conferences.

Mobile Voice Conferencing Options

Consider the fact that many businesspersons are mobile these days. This means that they are using smartphones and tablets for conferencing while away from the office. Use a program, such as Skype or FaceTime, to schedule the conference.

These applications are mobile friendly and work at the same speed as a traditional Internet connection where 4G and 4GS networks are available. Newer model smartphones are able to handle faster transfer rates.

Keep these items in mind to ensure that you have the best equipment and means to create a successful video conference.

Clients are going to base their experience on how well the information is delivered as well as the quality of the software used. When you have high-quality equipment with fast processing and data transfer rates, success is almost guaranteed.

Try to use a dedicated connection that is specifically for the device being used to prevent bandwidth interruptions that can slow down your information delivery.


Host your Event at the Right Venue



Host your Event at the Right Venue

The venue says everything about an event coordinator. It is important to select a venue that fits the occasion. For some coordinators, they select based venues based upon popularity.

While popular locations are a good place to start, it may not be the ideal location for a specific type of event. For instance, a corporate luncheon should be held in a high-class banquet room. A tech event should be held at an innovative, modern location.

Without having to travel to each venue, many are available online to browse photos, pricing information and other details. There is one website to view if you click here, to see hundreds of venues to select from. This will help narrow down the search.

Selecting a Theme

Even with a specific event, a theme should be put into place. With that being said, the theme should correspond to the type of event. This means that you should decorate and plan the menu around the overall theme.

An example would be to plan a menu for a tech convention around using high-tech preparation methods. One option is to make a cold buffet of foods prepared with anti-griddles and liquid nitrogen. Decorate accordingly.

Getting Help with Venue Selection

Selecting a venue on your own may be a difficult task. There are services that can help with venue selection. Representatives know these locations well to make knowledgeable suggestions.

You can also send representatives of your own to visit locations to see how fitting they would be with architecture and overall design. Photos taken of focal points can help decide where to hold the event. The space for the guest list should also be taken into consideration.

Consider the Location in Proximity to Hotels

When an event is bringing in guests from out of town, it is ideal to hold it near hotels, if not in a hotel. It should be either within walking distance or a short taxi ride. Convenience to accommodations is important.

For many guests, being able to attend an event inside a hotel is idea. Not having to walk to a hotel or take a taxi after a few cocktails is more appealing.  More guests from out of town will attend knowing that their accommodations are just an elevator ride away.

Holding an open event near hotels may also bring in more guests.

Try Picking an Easy to Find Venue

Location is everything. The topic of the event should be the spotlight but the location is what’s talked about the most.

Items to keep in mind regarding location:

  • What landmarks are close by?

  • Is it near a major highway?

  • Are there ample dining establishments and services in close proximity?

  • Is the area easy to navigate?

  • What kind of public transportation or taxi service is available?

These items are important to selecting a location. Services, food and amenities in the area make it more desirable. It will also help to advertise the location better.

When advertising, include a map so that the landmarks near the venue are easy to be seen. It will help out of town guests feel less lost since they will have something to look for.

Take into Consideration the Catering Options

If you select a venue that does not offer in-house food services, select catering options carefully. The menu has to complement the event. It also has to offer something for everyone.

At least two vegetarian options should be available. Prior to the event, menu cards can be mailed out for RSVP. This allows guests to select their meal or help decide what options they’d prefer to have.

Catering to everyone can be difficult. In some cases, a catered buffet is the ideal option.

Selecting a venue for an event is the first step in actually planning the activities. With this, create a checklist. It should have a space for guest lists, menus, activities, speakers and setup.

The checklist is a crucial step in ensuring that nothing is missing. If you plan to have audio or visual presentations, secure a rental contract for those components well in advance. Book speakers or guests with back-ups on-hand too.

Making an event memorable begins with the venue. You should choose it wisely so that it is convenient for all of your guests.


Government Supporting Cycle to Work



Government Supporting Cycle to Work

Taxes can be used to encourage good behavior, as well as bad. Stamps on fags, a premium on lager, and the congestion travel permit… All of these serve to encourage the public to adopt certain behaviors.

The City of London has seen the rapid rise of both congestion in the streets, and the growing waistlines of the average denizen. The question became, how to handle these tasks?

For a while, these where handled separately. Health programs tried to convince those at risk of obesity to adjust their lifestyles, while public transportation was expanded to give more viable alternative to personal transportation.

At one point, someone looked at these two endeavors and had a brilliant idea. Why not combine the two efforts, and try to have your cake and eat it too? The benefits were numerous:

The Government Cycle to Work Scheme promises to provide a healthy, cheap, and fun way of tackling both traffic and health woes.

  • Lowered risks of vehicular accidents.

    • Fewer drivers in the city.

    • Slower speed limits imposed.

  • Healthier Population

    • More exercise, reducing risk of illness keeping people from work.

    • Long-term health risks reduced, lessening strain on the social welfare budget.

    • Increased exercise tends to lower the risk of depression, so the populace would be a bit happier.

  • Reduces demand on public transportation.

    • Focuses public transportation on tourists and the infirm.

    • Makes it easier to perform maintenance, but reducing the need of vehicles at any given time.

  • Populace gets around the city more quickly.

    • Easier to handle a flood of bikers than a torrent of cars.

    • No need for people to plan trips around complex schedules subject to change.

  • Lowering maintenance needs.

    • A bike weighs less than a car, causing less stress on the road. This ultimately causes less stress fracture to the pavement.

With all the benefits determined, the question became how to convince people to bike instead of using more traditional vehicles.

  • Taxes on cars during peak travel times.

    • Provides incentive to not drive.

    • Provides additional income to mitigate increased wear and tear on the roads.

  • Dedicated Bike Lanes

    • Reducing risk of accidents.

    • Improving flow of bicycle traffic throughout the city.

    • Dedicated bicycle “highways.”

  • Public Campaign

    • Support of advocacy groups.

    • Include bicycle racks on buses and trains.

    • Hosting regular events for bike riders.

  • Tax Breaks on Bikes

    • Lowers cost of entry to the bike market for participants.

    • Improves public perception of the concept – the government is putting its money where its mouth is.

Not everything in London is dedicated towards business, a fact that the city government knows well. Throughout the year, the city hosts several bike-friendly events to highlight the beneficial role the bicycle has played in shaping the modern landscape.

  • Tweed Run – All participants wear clothing that matches what was in vogue when bicycles first appeared on the scene.

  • Mayor of London’s Sky Ride – An annual event that takes place in the heart of London. Numerous activities are planned, and the city center is made inaccessible to motorized traffic.

  • Critical Mass – A weekly gathering where cyclists get together to “reclaim the streets.” Good family fun for all ages.

  • Dunwich Dynamo – An annual overnight bike ride from London to Dunwich.


Biking to work has been considered an environmentally friendly, and cheap, alternative to using motorized traffic for decades. At one point, it was the predominant way of going from place to place for those who could not afford a horse.

Now, with the health of British people in such bad form, the bicycle is stepping up as a valuable tool in the war on obesity.

For the City of London, the bicycle provides a solution to the thorny issue of personal transportation within the city. There is not enough infrastructure to support motorized traffic, and not everyone wishes to use mass transit.

The bicycle is a good compromise; it provides swift transport to any destination without forcing the user to follow any particular schedule.

With tax breaks and public support, the government has stepped up to the plate to convince the populace to set aside their cars, and enjoy the fresh air of the city. The question become not if people will ride, but how much and where to put all the bikes?

Gas Saving Activities for Families

Gas Saving Activities for Families

Fuel costs have constantly risen for the last few years worldwide. Families are searching for activities that are close by. There are still plenty of things to do to stay active.

Consider local establishments and parks for a family recreation day. You can also visit a new restaurant and walk the neighborhood afterwards. The idea to saving fuel while getting out of the house is getting creative.

Let the kids make a few suggestions. They may have interests that you are unaware of.

Go for a Hike

Take a trek through a local park on a nice afternoon. Take picnic foods and find a serene place to sit and dine. Some parks may offer grilling stations too.

A hike is great exercise for everyone in the family. It is also a way to be out in nature viewing a local area in a new light. You can teach the children a few lessons about trees and plants during the hike.

Make a game of finding items along the trail. Little prizes can be offered when items are identified. This can be anything from an animal to a specific type of leaf.

Make your time outdoors fun.

In-Home Movie Night

A movie night at home is easy with the availability of online movie streaming services. Instant movies can be shown through a gaming console or PC connection. Make the choice something that is family friendly.

The fun of movie night is making snacks. You don’t even have to plan a dinner for that night. Party foods can be healthy and fulfilling.

Ideas for movie night foods:

  • Popcorn mixed with nuts and melted peanut butter

  • Mini bagel pizzas

  • Mini taco bowls

  • Sliders

  • Mini cupcakes

  • Lettuce wraps

  • Chicken Skewers

Go Karting

Families can enjoy karting in their local areas. Most areas have a facility that is not far away. If it is a bit of a distance, make a day trip of it.
Karting facilities often have arcade games and concession areas. This makes the venue a one-stop-shop for food and entertainment. Hours of fun can be had by everyone.

Safety precautions in the way of videos are provided. Some venues offer indoor and outdoor tracks. It is ideal to inquire about age restrictions before arriving.

Visit a Free Museum

Museums often offer free days for families, or at least free admission for kids. Consider this as an option. It is educational for everyone.

Museums of all types are available around the world. History museums show the evolution of an item such as cars, sports and music. Kids are likely to find this a pleasant activity.

Adults are likely to learn something new. Kids will find it amazing to see how things used to be in comparison to how they are now. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

Have a Neighborhood Gathering

You don’t even have to leave the neighborhood to have fun. Consider organizing a block party. Each family could be responsible for a couple of dishes to pass and bringing some meat to share.

Tasting food creations of others sparks conversations. It is likely to start a few new friendships too. Discuss a money saving tip with another mom and get one from her.

Kids can play and make up games of their own. If they stay in the neighborhood they are less likely to find trouble.

Some ideas for a Block Party:

  • Three-legged man races

  • Water balloon tosses

  • Spoon races

  • Touch football

  • Cooking competitions

  • Best decorations

  • Best food spread

  • Best dancer


Visit Local Establishments

There are likely a few local shops that you have yet to visit. Park in a central location and walk about the town. Pop in a few stores or antique shops to see what treasures can be found.

You know what shops to visit, the ones you always wonder; ‘What’s inside that store?’ You may find that the store is far more useful that you thought.  The item you’ve been searching for, for years, may just be inside that door.

Along with the undiscovered shops there’s likely to be an interesting little restaurant to try too. It may look like a dive on the outside, but those establishments usually have the best dishes. Try something new, you might be surprised.

All of the items suggested here are easy on the gas tank. Some of them don’t even require leaving your home or neighborhood. Getting creative and making memories doesn’t have to empty the fuel tank.

It doesn’t hurt to ask the kids what they want to do. Their interests are equally important.

Family affairs, whether they are close by or a short drive, can be fun as long as you make it fun. Treks through park paths are invigorating. Trying new foods and meeting new neighbors is equally fun. It can lead to many more gatherings among friends.


Using Social Media To Improve Your Job Search


Using Social Media To Improve Your Job Search
Using Social Media To Improve Your Job Search is an infographic that was produced by

Electricity Saving Ideas for Your Business



When attempting to save money on your company’s electric bill, there are generally two factors to consider. First of all, you must understand exactly how to begin saving energy. Secondly, you must begin the proper implementation of your ideas in a manner that does not disrupt office productivity.

To gain the most out of the energy that your business uses, take a look around andresearch all suppliers. Speak to other local businesses and compare your business electricity rates as it may be better than what you are quoted.

Much like residential customers of electricity, business owners too can choose to cut costs by conserving electricity. Here are a few helpful tips for saving company funds when it comes to electricity.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Always remember to keep a recorded track of the temperature along with a handle on the programming features of your business’s thermostat. In summer months, try to adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees. For the winter, proper measures should be taken to adjust the thermostat to around 68 degrees.

Each degree of additional cooling and heating can significantly alter and boost the price of your electric utility bill. Following these recommendations, you gain the opportunity to decrease energy consumption anywhere from 6 to 8 percent which will minimize your energy bill.

If employees find the new changes to be uncomfortable, encourage the use of space heaters or fans to increase their level of comfort.

The next most fundamental feature to remember when attaining better energy efficiency for your business is to learn to program your HVAC system. If it does not have a timer, then you should invest in having a professional come out to install one. However if that is simply not feasible, designate an employee to turn it up and/or down upon arrival at work as well as leaving for the day.

  • Save electricity by limiting the use of the thermostat when the premises are not in use.

  • Designate an employee to set the thermostat when clocking in and out.

  • If possible, install a programmable thermostat.

  • Remember 68 degrees in winter is ideal for HVAC setting. For summer, 78 degrees is the ideal setting for better energy conservation.

Use Office Equipment Wisely

Computers are one of the most used tools within nearly any business environment. Implement proper measures for the energy saving of all office equipment. This can be achieved by setting forth a policy that all employees must utilize the sleep function on their computers.

Aside from being much smarter energy use, it is much better for security measures within your business infrastructure. When a computer has not been used in over five minutes, the machine should go to sleep.

Remember to power down all machines, appliances and electronics at the end of each work day. This should be mandatory for all employees. Unless you are backing up files or are transmitting data during the wee hours, these machines should not be on overnight.

Monitors not in use for over twenty minutes should be turned off. Screen savers absolutely do not save energy and can even be known to use more.

  • Turn off all appliances, machines and tools when not being utilized.

  • Take full advantage of the sleep modes on computers and other machines.

  • Require that all machines be turned off appropriately at day’s end.

  • Remember to have monitors turned off after 20 minutes of inactivity.

  • Consider purchasing certified energy efficient equipment for your business when it becomes time to update computers, appliances and tools.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

Begin a new program within your business or company that designated a particular employee of intern to take an inventory of varying light sources on the business premises. Be sure that they classify these light bulbs by their group of either incandescent, CFL or LED.

Incandescent bulbs can use much more energy than that of CFLs or LEDs. So for better long term savings, invest in a more energy efficient light source for your business.

Energy efficiency is better for your overall bottom line in many ways. It enhances your company’s funds while also portraying your business as an environmentally conscious one.


An Important Life Decision | What Car Seat to Choose


Car seat childAn Important Life Decision | What Car Seat to Choose

One of the most important decisions you will make as a parent is what car seat to buy. While you may want to have a trendy option, other items take precedence. The safety and comfort of your baby are the most important factors.

Here’s an idea for you, choose the safest option and change out the lining. If you don’t like what a brand has to offer in regards to style, change it out.

You want baby to be happy where he or she spends a good amount of time.


In regards to safety, head support is important. Neck support is absolutely of high importance for newborns. Adding in an additional neck support pillow is best for newborns.

Another safety concern is locking the carrying arm into place. If this is not properly secured, baby can get fingers stuck in it. They can also loosen the arm and accidentally wiggle out.

A secure harnessing system also needs to be in place. Active babies can easily get loose in a harness. The latches must be snapped into place properly.

Other safety items to take into consideration:

  • Padding around the harnessing straps

  • Smooth edges

  • No metal parts around the head area

  • A full, retractable canopy for reduced exposure to sun, wind and cold

General Features

There are several general features to look closely at. Babies need ample leg room. If they cannot freely move their legs, it will lead to cranky fits in the car.

Babies must also be able to move their arms and bodies some. The ability for them to move to adjust positioning is important. Feeling restricted makes them unhappy.

Think about room for a favorite toy, a mobile and a bottle. Hanging a mobile from the top of a car seat gives babies a focal point. If they can hit it or play with it, they’ll be occupied while you drive.

Growth Options

Rather than purchasing a single stage car seat, consider one that will grow with baby through the toddler years. Once a child has outgrown a car seat, a booster is needed. The Britax Kidfix is an option when children reach this stage.

Multiple stage car seat options are a good option. The bottoms can adjust to be leaning further back for newborns. As the child grows, the position can be changed to slightly reclining and completely sitting up.


Parents are much more active these days. This means that babies get a lot more time out of the house. Moms like to take babies for strolls and jogs.  For this, you need options.

There are travel systems that offer a few configurations for this purpose. There is a traditional car seat that can be attached to the stroller portion. This is less movement for baby to keep him or her happy.

The car seat portion can also be used in the car, on top of a shopping cart or just on the floor of a room. It is best to get baby strapped into the car seat inside the home and just put the whole apparatus inside the car. It’s less stressful for fussy babies.

Consider the options that are available. Busy families, safety and comfort all play a role in selecting the right car seat or travel system. The basic idea is to keep baby safe and happy.

Remember, you can change out linings and add in additional neck or body support if need be. Liners are washable and some are reversible. This should always leave baby with a comfortable place to sit.

With the options available, baby doesn’t have to be stuck at home and families can do more together.


Simple Ways to Increase the Security in Your New Home

Simple Ways to Increase the Security in Your New Home

Home SecuritySimple Ways to Increase the Security in Your New Home

When you move into a new home it is sure to be an exciting time. There’s always a lot to do and discover when you move house but what about the security aspect?


It might not be the most obvious thing to think about but it is a great moment to do so. After all, when a property is still new in your eyes it is possible to see it the way other people do. This will let you identify security weaknesses that you might not be able to see so clearly later on. Here are some simple ways of doing this and feeling relaxed in your new home from the few first days there.


Walk Round the Property

Sometimes all it takes to identify serious security weaknesses in a property is to walk around it and see it in the way a criminal would. This is extremely difficult to do when it is somewhere you have lived for a long time but is relatively easy when you are new there. The kinds of thing to look out for include shady areas, low walls and overhanging tree limbs that allow for easy climbing. Try checking out the surroundings at different times of day to work out where the vulnerable areas lie throughout the day. After this, you might have a few jobs to do, such as removing shrubs, cutting back trees or maybe adding some extra lighting.


Change the Locks

If you think about it, not changing the locks on your new house is a bit of a strange approach to take. You have no idea who else has copies and could just stroll into the property using them. Yet, many families simply never think about get new locks fitted when they move in. Doing so will give you a great deal of peace of mind and will also be a lot less expensive than waiting until something goes wrong. If you want find out more about getting new locks fitted easily then you should speak to a professional, trustworthy locksmith. Once you get them change you can relax, safe in the knowledge that there is no way that anyone else can possibly have a copy of them.


Check Out Some Gadgets

There are many different security gadgets around these days that help homeowner’s feel safer at home as well as feel happier about leaving it empty. For example, CTTV cameras can help make possible intruders think twice, while some people go for the cheaper option of installing fake CCTV cameras. Using programmable house lights means that you give the impression that you are at home even when you aren’t. Another type of home security gadget worth considering is one that emits light so that it looks exactly like the light from a TV set to anyone looking at the house from outside.


Install a Burglar Alarm

Once of the best ways to feel safe as you settle into a new home is to install a burglar alarm in there. If you do this as soon as you move in then you will feel a lot more comfortable right away. This is especially true if you see that most of the other houses on your street already have burglar alarms and yours doesn’t. Thieves will tend to look for the easiest option when they are looking for somewhere to break into. This means they look for the property with the least amount of security. By getting a burglar alarm system installed you put up a visible deterrent and show that the new owners of the property means business.


Don’t Continue with Bad Habits

When you live in the same house for years without any problem it can be easy to get into bad habits that make it less secure. For instance, if you have been hiding your front door key behind a plant pot for 10 years then you aren’t likely to stop doing so anytime soon. However, when you move to your new home this is the ideal opportunity to change those habits and start looking after your home more. If you try this then you will discover that in a new home it is just as easy to get into good home security habits as it is to get into bad ones.



Comprehensive Guide to Designing a Great Banner Advert


  Banner Ads

Comprehensive Guide to Designing a Great Banner Advert

 The banner advert is still valuable. It’s declined in online marketing importance, but known names in the business like still believe it has its place when used correctly. The trick is to avoid it seeming tacky. When it’s tacky and ‘in your face’ it can rub people entirely the wrong way.

In this article, we provide a full list of design tips for more clickable banner ads on your website.


What’s the Message?

 Too many banner adverts don’t actually say anything. It needs to have a clear message. You have a limited amount of space available, so your message needs to be short and sweet. Stick to a single thing. The banner advertisement will be prominent, so have it fit in with the main goal of your website.

The message must also have a call to action. Once you’ve published your banner, you don’t want customers scratching their head about what you want them to do. If you want them to click on something or sign up to something, tell them about it. Don’t be bashful about it.


BannersThe Color Scheme

One of the first attributes you’ll determine is the color scheme. The color scheme should always fit in with the rest of your web design. Most companies will try to make it as similar as possible.

Just because your banner will be similar doesn’t mean it needs to be the same. Having exactly the same color scheme will make it blend in too much. In some cases, companies have made it blend in so much their customers haven’t noticed it’s a clickable banner ad.

An idea you could utilize is inverting the color scheme. If your website uses mainly forest green with white highlights, have your banner advertisement use white with forest green highlights. Inverting the colors allows you to stick to the same scheme, while allowing it to stand out.

Banner StyleBrand It

Always make sure your banner ad has been branded with your logo. Your logo is the only part of your business that you carry forward into visual media. By repeating your logo again and again, your target audience will come to associate it with you.

Your branding won’t impact the amount of times people happen to click on your ad. They already know it’s yours. What it will do is help them to remember your logo. This will ultimately carry over into more conversions for you.

It’s why a company tends to get better results from its advertisements later on in its history.

Simplicity Works Best

Simplicity will always work better than complexity. As you already know, banner ads have gained a negative reputation over the years for being incredibly annoying. You need to ensure you distance yourself from this reputation.

Most banner ads used to have a lot of complexity. They’d use a lot of text and cram it into a tiny space to try and say as much as possible.

Psychologists have shown this only leads to information overload. Deviate from this practice and opt for something simple. A single slogan repeated over and over again has a bigger effect, otherwise audiences simply start to tune out. It’s why conventional TV and radio adverts have had severe diminishing returns over the last few years.

There’s no hard and fast rule as to just how simple you should make it. Some people advocate a simple sentence, whereas others believe it should be a few words and nothing else. Play with your ads and find out what works for your business.

The Images You Use

The images you use will have a significant effect on what effect you create. For a start, always make sure you’re using a high-quality image. Any blurry images will only serve to make you look unprofessional.

Most companies prefer to use stock images. There are plenty of sites that sell stock images. You’ll have to pay for them, and someone else can still buy them unless you pay a huge price for them. Instead, consider taking your own images. This way you can copyright them and your banner ad will be unique.

Make the Button Stand Out

The button should always stand out, especially if you’ve used a contrasting color scheme. This is part of the best practices for designing effective banner ads because studies have shown they improve the Click Through Rate (CTR).

If we go back to our example color scheme of forest green and white, an orange color would contrast with both colors, which would make it ideal for this scenario.

GIF Form


Always have your banner in GIF form. If you try to publish a banner in Flash, some people won’t be able to view it. Many devices don’t support Flash, but the GIF format is always supported.

With so many different devices in use these days, a GIF should be considered as an essential for your banner.

If you can’t save your file as a GIF automatically, go online and search for a free file converter. Most of these converters allow you to upload your GIF file and receive it by email or direct download.

Make sure this file is small. Larger files take longer to load. If it takes longer than three seconds to render in its entirety, Google will punish you in the SEO rankings. Additionally, many users with slower connections will struggle to use your website, which might turn them away.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Your ads should have some sort of intangible benefit within them. In other words, by pressing the button on the ad, users should gain something of value. Create a sense of urgency by telling people they have a limited time.

It’s like the auctioneer’s chant. The auctioneer talks quickly to create a beat and a sense of urgency that encourages bids. You’re using the same principle to do exactly the same thing.

Be careful with how this works, though. If you word your deal in the wrong way by sounding overly excited, you’ll come off poorly and as if you’re over exaggerating everything. Tone it down a little.