As our first Global Good web property, we have a very special connection with Global Good Group. It was initially developed as a way for writers to come together and put out great positive content but ended up turning into so much more.

From celebrity endorsements to Fortune 500 content sponsors the brand has not only taken off but has set a foundation for many other web properties to grow and support entrepreneurs around the world.

Our investors, partners, and other associates that have approached Global Good Group or work with our network as a whole all share the same love for the mission and concept behind what we do, helping the world.

With G.G.G. in particular we have found a way to allow people to get content and news they would consume anyways but be given the opportunity to also dive into Globally Good and forward thinking content about great ideas, technologies, organizations, initiatives, and other world changing avenues.

Growing International influence and readership allows us to ultimately deliver more Global Good content, our #1 Goal.  -Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks



Positive News


July 2010

Services Delivered

Financial and Human Capital, Branding, Marketing, Leadership, Business Development, Syndication & Distribution

Global Traffic

7 Million in 2012

Contributor Base

200+ Writers

Content Sponsors

Disney, Kia, US Cellular, Dish Networks, Tom’s of Maine, 2U

Target Market

Global, All Demographics