Tom’s of Maine is known for being a philanthropic firm that puts out sustainable products that are healthier and safer. 

All of their products feature natural-ingredients only personal care products that are absent of many harmful chemicals, environment impacting ingredients and are not tested on animals. This is a great firm to work with and promote within the Global Good Network and it made ‘natural’ sense to our executives that this was definitely a campaign that firmly aligned with our world changing mission.

Colgate-Palmolive bought a 84% controlling stake in Tom’s of Maine for $100,000,000 in 2006.

The Good First campaign was being run by Tom’s of Maine and promoted a very Global Good Facebook App that has you share with your friends how you want to do good int he world and ultimately put Good First. It was a pleasure working on this sponsored content piece and promoting it throughout the Global Good Network.

Thank you Colgate-Palmolive for continuing your marketing efforts for such a brilliant brand.


Discuss Tom’s of Maine in general as well as their Good First campaign

Include links to important campaigns and the Facebook app that Good First launched

Recommend that users connect with Tom’s of Maine via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Share what we enjoyed best about the app with our reader base

Sign up and utilize the Facebook app then recommend it to other potential users reading the article

Write the article, have it approved by Tom’s of Maine Marketing Staff and publish by a set deadline

Embed proper disclosure that the post was sponsored to follow FTC guidelines for endorsed material

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