Cojo the “Art Juggernaut” has been covered by CNN, MTV and worked directly with countless other Fortune 500 brands in the creative space.

GGN was in need of another creative and artistic web property within the Creative and Art zone and Cojo was the perfect fit.

The joint partnership was to develop a great art content portal that had high quality content about interesting news, local event coverage, interviews and more.

We were super excited to welcome Cojo and his Fortune 500 accepted work to our network within the lifestyle vertical. -Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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Art, Culture

Cojo’s Clients

AOL, ESPN, Nike, Target, AT&T, Sirius Radio, MTV, Maxim, HBO Films, Complex, FUBU, Life Beat, Marvel Comics, The Source, Vibe Magazine, Rolling Stone, Loop, Harper Collins, Alternative Press, Nickelodeon, Vansd, UFC, Popular Science, Def Jam, Revolver, Lions Gate, Hearst

Services Delivered

Branding, Technology Infrastructure, Start-up Capital, Business Development, Syndication & Distribution

Cojo / Art Sucks Television Press

CNN, MTV Boiling Points, BET, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Drew Carey Show, America’s Top Model, Reno 911!, WWE Video, AEON Flux