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Change Is Capturing the World

The pace of change in today’s world is astonishing. It is not just technology advances that are bringing this about but instant worldwide communications have certainly made a great contribution. It is the speed with which ideas can spread and encourage changes in policy that had previously been so slow to implement. Not everyone buys into this new world but the younger generation generally does; it is the generation that is tomorrow’s leadership.

No one can be certain about how the coming years will develop but there seems little chance that there will be a reversal of momentum.  Businesses are emerging every day, driven by the enthusiasm of youth and meeting the demands of that generation. Many people want to use their talents to express themselves in a commercial way rather than relying on joining an established firm and pursuing a career there.


Some things in society are not changing and they include everyone’s wish to be happy. The headline news is often bad; there seems little space for the heart warming stories people would prefer to hear about or read in the media. There are many happy events and couples still set out in adult life together intent upon raising a family and helping their children develop into responsible adults.

People meet, fall in love and get engaged much the same as they always did. They look forward to their big day when they confirm their relationship in front of family and friends. It is a day that produces a lifetime of memories but one that also needs photographs and a video to retain as a memento. Wedding photography is a skill and requires imagination both from the photographer and the happy couple. They may know what they want but will also be open to ideas.


The final album needs to achieve more than images. It needs to demonstrate the joy of the occasion. Some of the photos may be taken in a studio with a Lastolite Collapsible Background to focus totally on the couple themselves. Others however will be taken with family and friends in the shots.

Sometimes a black and white photograph can look stunning, a silhouette perhaps in a location that almost seems to be more important than the couple themselves. Everyone is looking for something a little bit different in their wedding album. Modern cameras provide the means but it is often imagination that creates the results that achieve something special.

A fresh approach

Often the best photographers and indeed the best fashion designers set out with the career in mind and bring a fresh approach to the business. There are plenty of people willing to support talent and enthusiasm and certainly the means to get a message out through the Internet and Social Media. It is certainly the first place that many people go if they want goods and services.

Their talents are only part of the story. They have to create visibility; that visibility is an audience that my want to employ them for their special day. With the growth of a portfolio the job becomes easier as they will have plenty of evidence of their talents.

The days when a photographer would sit in a high street location and wait for people to come through the door have largely gone. Self promotion is far easier today and fairly inexpensive. Good news can travel very quickly if a budding photographer can create it. After all people like to hear good news as a contrast to what tends to make the daily headlines. Using the World Wide Web has become second nature to the younger generations and increasingly to everyone else. The change has come and it will continue.