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 GSBI Video and Social Entrepreneur Interview coverage for CNN iReport and Youtube

Read about the great works of GSBI on sites such as the World Bank and Santa Clara University. Every year some of the brightest people in Silicon Valley from major corporations such as Microsoft and innovative startups come together to share their knowledge and listen to the latest world changing innovations. The program is here to help fund and teach Entrepreneurs around the world how to further grow and scale their entrepreneurial efforts.

It was an honor attending this event and speaking with those having a real impact on the world.


GSBI is a great resource from Santa Clara University to connect Social Entrepreneurs with funding and leadership expertise. Their goal is to reach a billion people positively, it very closely resembles the mission that I have crafted for Global Good Networks and wish to carry through. Right on GSBI!

Josh Bois Co-Founder of Global Good Networks


Watch the video below or directly on CNN.Com:

Global Good Networks exclusive coverage GSBI 2012 for CNN iReport

A few photo and video snaps at GSBI 2012 in Silicon Valley at SCU

Video by Global Good Networks Co-founder: Josh Bois at GSBI 2012

The Global Good Network is about connecting people and great brands to news and resources that change the world.

GSBI is a network for helping great social entrepreneurs further develop and get investment for their great ideas.

To read an interview between Josh Bois and GSBI 2012 Candidate Lisa Heederik the director of business development and co-founder of “Nazava”:…


Read more about GSBI on their homepage:

GSBI Article on The World Bank’s Official Portal:

About GSBI:

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About the GSBI

Science and Technology for the Underserved

Launched 10 years ago, the Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI™) is the signature program of the Center. The GSBI combines a proven curriculum with individualized mentoring by Silicon Valley leaders to help social entrepreneurs build their businesses and amplify their impact. So far, the GSBI has mentored more than 150 enterprises operating in 50 countries, reaching 74 million people. Also, nearly 95 percent of GSBI Alumni are still working in their social ventures and more than 50 percent are scaling, meaning that revenue is growing faster than expenses.

We collaborate with a diverse group of partners including successful Silicon Valley executives, academic leaders, and the network of Jesuit universities. Our mentoring network helps participants scale their ventures to create jobs, sell their products and services, and solve problems internationally.

Social entrepreneurs who apply and win GSBI scholarships build capacity to effect systemic change through our proven combination of curriculum and individualized mentoring. We help participants create strategic business plans that they can confidently present to impact investors and other funders around the world.