Don’t Forget To Come Out To Bryant Park In September

You will be able to join in on the Women’s Leadership Summit which is an ongoing series of events dedicating to empowering females around the world in all capacities. Whether you are a world leader, start up entrepreneur, or just trying to make a difference in the world these are aimed at you. Together we can inspire and motivate the world to unite and see to it that Women are given the opportunities they deserve. With 10,000 people attending a 3-day public event, we can truly start a movement and make some change occur. With UN delegates, major global leaders, and corporations behind us, not to mention the Happiness Assembly, this event is positioned to be world class.

With 60 A-list speakers and celebrities along with great music we can have fun while doing the right thing. Stay tuned in to Global Good Group and Global Good Networks where we will continue to release news about this upcoming event and the date. Please share your thoughts with us and get involved!


  • Only 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.

  • Globally, women occupy only 25% of senior management positions.

  • Women are paid 23% less than men in senior positions.

  • Women are paid less than men in 99% of occupations.

  • Business ownership is concentrated in men’s hands throughout the developing world.

  • Women hold 3% of clout positions in mainstream media.

  • Women comprise 5% of directors and 14% of film writers in top 250 crossing films.

  • Gender inequality persists in education, work, participation in government, economic assets.

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