Simple Ways to Increase the Security in Your New Home |
Simple Ways to Increase the Security in Your New Home

Home SecuritySimple Ways to Increase the Security in Your New Home

When you move into a new home it is sure to be an exciting time. There’s always a lot to do and discover when you move house but what about the security aspect?


It might not be the most obvious thing to think about but it is a great moment to do so. After all, when a property is still new in your eyes it is possible to see it the way other people do. This will let you identify security weaknesses that you might not be able to see so clearly later on. Here are some simple ways of doing this and feeling relaxed in your new home from the few first days there.


Walk Round the Property

Sometimes all it takes to identify serious security weaknesses in a property is to walk around it and see it in the way a criminal would. This is extremely difficult to do when it is somewhere you have lived for a long time but is relatively easy when you are new there. The kinds of thing to look out for include shady areas, low walls and overhanging tree limbs that allow for easy climbing. Try checking out the surroundings at different times of day to work out where the vulnerable areas lie throughout the day. After this, you might have a few jobs to do, such as removing shrubs, cutting back trees or maybe adding some extra lighting.


Change the Locks

If you think about it, not changing the locks on your new house is a bit of a strange approach to take. You have no idea who else has copies and could just stroll into the property using them. Yet, many families simply never think about get new locks fitted when they move in. Doing so will give you a great deal of peace of mind and will also be a lot less expensive than waiting until something goes wrong. If you want find out more about getting new locks fitted easily then you should speak to a professional, trustworthy locksmith. Once you get them change you can relax, safe in the knowledge that there is no way that anyone else can possibly have a copy of them.


Check Out Some Gadgets

There are many different security gadgets around these days that help homeowner’s feel safer at home as well as feel happier about leaving it empty. For example, CTTV cameras can help make possible intruders think twice, while some people go for the cheaper option of installing fake CCTV cameras. Using programmable house lights means that you give the impression that you are at home even when you aren’t. Another type of home security gadget worth considering is one that emits light so that it looks exactly like the light from a TV set to anyone looking at the house from outside.


Install a Burglar Alarm

Once of the best ways to feel safe as you settle into a new home is to install a burglar alarm in there. If you do this as soon as you move in then you will feel a lot more comfortable right away. This is especially true if you see that most of the other houses on your street already have burglar alarms and yours doesn’t. Thieves will tend to look for the easiest option when they are looking for somewhere to break into. This means they look for the property with the least amount of security. By getting a burglar alarm system installed you put up a visible deterrent and show that the new owners of the property means business.


Don’t Continue with Bad Habits

When you live in the same house for years without any problem it can be easy to get into bad habits that make it less secure. For instance, if you have been hiding your front door key behind a plant pot for 10 years then you aren’t likely to stop doing so anytime soon. However, when you move to your new home this is the ideal opportunity to change those habits and start looking after your home more. If you try this then you will discover that in a new home it is just as easy to get into good home security habits as it is to get into bad ones.