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Selecting the Best Conferencing Equipment

When you are planning an important video conference, it is ideal to purchase the highest-quality products. In order to be absent from periods of buffering or stalling, speed and performance are of the utmost importance.

You will need video conferencing equipment that can perform. What this means is that you want to make sure your system is completely up to date, first and foremost. New technology is also important as it is built for performance.

Keep in mind that the machine being used is as important as the software or VoIP program being used.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic connections transfer data at a faster and smoother rate. It also helps to filter out interference. This helps to ensure that an overseas VoIP connection is as smooth as a face-to-face meeting.

Using fiber optic cabling is more expensive but it is also the highest quality cabling that you can use.

Monitor Quality

On both the delivering and receiving ends, a quality monitor is a necessity. You will also want to use a monitor that is 1080p or higher in definition. These properties make it possible for you to see true imagery without pixilation.

The size of the monitor used is also important. Something larger than a traditional laptop or personal computer screen is ideal. Generally speaking, a monitor that is 26-inches or larger, diagonally, shows clearer images.

Larger screens, where additional media are concerned, help to bring out detail without having to enlarge images. Those on the receiving end of a presentational conference will not have to pause to view written or photographic displays.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is important. This means that you will want to use a volume control, noise cancelling microphone. An external device is better than a built-in microphone solution.

Select an option such as one of these:

  • Bluetooth boom-style microphone

  • Corded microphone plugging into the laptop or desktop

  • Desktop microphone with noise cancellation features

  • Headset with volume control

With these options, you are sure to have a clear connection. The speed of the Internet used and quality of the software program are also key players in the success of a video conference.

Transfer Rate Speed

You must have a fast transfer rate in order to prevent pauses, lag and missed information sharing. If you are using a screen sharing method, the person/people watching should be able to interact and see what you are doing in real time.

If your transfer rate is not at a desirable level, consider speaking with the Internet provider to see about a faster package. When this is not a possibility, consider overclocking the processor. There are ways around obtaining the speed that you need for successful video conferences.

Mobile Voice Conferencing Options

Consider the fact that many businesspersons are mobile these days. This means that they are using smartphones and tablets for conferencing while away from the office. Use a program, such as Skype or FaceTime, to schedule the conference.

These applications are mobile friendly and work at the same speed as a traditional Internet connection where 4G and 4GS networks are available. Newer model smartphones are able to handle faster transfer rates.

Keep these items in mind to ensure that you have the best equipment and means to create a successful video conference.

Clients are going to base their experience on how well the information is delivered as well as the quality of the software used. When you have high-quality equipment with fast processing and data transfer rates, success is almost guaranteed.

Try to use a dedicated connection that is specifically for the device being used to prevent bandwidth interruptions that can slow down your information delivery.