Properly Prepare a Home for a Realtor Showing |


Properly Prepare a Home for a Realtor Showing

It is ideal to present a home in the way you’d wish to view a home for sale. This means that it should be clean, fresh and inviting. There are a few steps that your realtor can discuss with you to ensure that this happens.

Some of the basics are briefly outlined below to reduce confusion in preparing your home properly.

Use Staging

Staging a home is an important process. What you want to do here is present the home to families so that they can see themselves in the space.

Basics of staging:

  • Dress rooms appropriately with furniture
  • Remove clutter
  • Arrange furniture in a smart pattern
  • Take down family photos
  • Consider repainting some rooms that may be undesirable colors

The home should feel, but not look, lived in. This may seem like a double negative but presenting a neat and tidy space is the whole idea.

Remove Personal Items

Any items that reflect a personal style or taste should be removed. In essence, you want the home to look like a magazine photo. The potential homebuyers should be able to envision their family dinners at your table.

The homebuyers should also see their own furniture in the space and be able to envision family gatherings in the backyard. This is what helps to sell a home. Creating a lived in but generic look is the goal.

Get the Carpets Cleaned

If you have carpeted rooms in the home, it is ideal to use expert carpet cleaners prior to staging. They will ensure that the carpets are fresh smelling, looking and feeling. Clean carpets are important to many potential homebuyers.

Most are not going to want to install new carpet or refinish hardwoods that may be underneath.

Freshen up the Exterior

The exterior, or curb appeal, of a home is also important. It is the first impression that potential homebuyer have of the property.

With that being said, a bit of fresh landscaping may be in order. You can accomplish this by purchasing a few inexpensive plants to spruce up the entry way and give the exterior some character. The existing trees and shrubbery should also get a trim.

Keeping with the exterior, the paint should look fresh and clean. Touch up any chipped spots that might be noticeable. This is also the ideal time to repaint the entry door so that it makes a statement. Also consider exterior or patio lighting.

These simple steps for home staging can be time consuming but it is all in an effort to sell your home quickly. The right family will feel at home as soon as they walk in the door. Do as much as you can with the home for as little as possible.

Only having to do some minor cleaning and de-cluttering is a benefit when it is possible. Some homes need more attention than others. When this is the case, realtors can step in to help or they can suggest the use of a home staging company. These professionals know what potential homebuyers like to see.