Keeping Outdoor Carpet Clean |


Keeping Outdoor Carpet Clean

Outdoor carpet is often used in swimming and entertainment areas. This is not a difficult area to keep clean as long as there are a few rules in place. First and foremost, have carpet cleaning services available on-call.

The reason for this is that accidents and spills can happen at any time. It is also possible that a storm could come in and bring a lot of dirt and debris with it. Take this into consideration when installing outdoor carpet.

Use a Steam Cleaner

To spot clean the general area, a steam cleaner that is handheld or electric in nature is ideal. With these, the preparation to use them is minimal. You are also able to use fewer products to ensure that the spot is taken up.

Pretreating a stain on outdoor carpet:

  • Identify the type of stain
  • Add an oxidizing agent to lift the stain
  • Use sponge to pull up some of the stain
  • Use a hard bristled brush to scrub the area in circular motions
  • Bring in the steam cleaner to pull up the rest of the stain while it is still damp

These steps will help you to get dried and fresh stains out of an outdoor carpet.

Broom it off and Vacuum Daily

A deck brush or stiff bristled broom should be used for outdoor carpets. It helps to get ground in debris out of the carpet. It will also push off dust and external plant debris.

After brooming off the outdoor carpet, a thorough vacuuming is in order daily. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from staining or damaging the fibers.

Consider Monthly Professional Cleaning

In order to keep the carpet clean and soft, even in outdoor areas, consider contracting a carpet cleaning for service once per month. A professional cleaning goes far deeper than what can be done on a daily basis.

Professional equipment uses multiple scrubbing heads on the machines to bring up any stubborn dirt that has set in. It also helps to bring up stains that are deep down into the base of the carpeted area.

Keep Guest Food and Drink in a Designated Area

To maintain a stain-free and clean area around the swimming pool, it is best to make it a rule to keep food and drink off of the carpeted areas. What this will do is prevent sticky spills that may go unnoticed for several hours.

Sticky stains are harder to get up and might require an additional professional cleaning to be done.

When there is carpet in outdoor space near a pool, it is ideal to perform these daily cleaning tasks. Once per month a contracted professional service can be used. This is a deep cleaning that is often needed in high-traffic areas.

Some throw rugs can be used in a carpeted area that has been soiled deeply while waiting for professional services. Keep in mind that this is temporary. Throw rugs can be put away for the next time or next big, sticky spill or stain.