Why Should You Invest in Walk in Baths in Your Home? |


Why Should You Invest in Walk in Baths in Your Home?

Walk in baths are a major investment for anyone to make. The disabled and the elderly can benefit greatly from installing a walk in bath in their homes.

There are a number of grants available throughout the country. These can enable the poor to get the support they need. Some doctors will even recommend disabled baths as part of a medical treatment.

Here are some of the reasons why you should install a walk in bath in your home.

Getting in and Out of Tubs

The problem with conventional baths is it’s difficult to get out of them. Climbing in and out requires a degree of strength, which a lot of people don’t have.

If someone gets trapped in the bath, this can leave them in a distressed and embarrassed state.

Disabled baths come with a little door to get in and out of the bath. They also come with handrails to make standing up easy.



Baths are slip hazards. Walk in baths have been accused of not addressing the potential for slipping. Commercial bubble baths and other shower products can leave the bottom of the bath difficult to stand on. It’s essentially like polishing and buffing a wooden floor.

Many newer baths come with anti-slip flooring. They have a permanent surface with grips on to prevent slipping. Instead of a completely smooth surface, there will be a slight roughness to it.

This anti-slip flooring doesn’t make sitting in the bath uncomfortable, however.

Health Benefits

Many elderly and disabled people avoid bathing due to the difficulties of getting in and out. Disabled baths offer a number of health benefits.

Firstly, it allows people to bathe and clean themselves. This alone helps to stave off illnesses.

Another reason is many baths now contain air and water jets. These massage different parts of the body automatically. It can help to relieve much of the joint pain many older people suffer from.

House Prices

Look at this investment as an investment for the future. If someone lives in a retirement community, a bath like this can increase the value of a house.

These are highly desirable and it means people will pay more for a property with one. It will never take away from the value of a house. In the long-term, the added value can more than repay the initial investment cost.


Investments like these are designed to provide the infirm with independence. People often forget how important independence is, even at an advanced age.

Independence means allowing people to do what they like without aid. Many people in positions of weakness don’t like having others help them with basic tasks. They want to retain their independence.

It’s why it’s so common to see older people who don’t bathe regularly enough. If they can’t do it themselves they’d rather not do it at all. The joints might start to get weaker, but a person’s pride never changes.

Walk in tubs give people the chance to retain their independence.

In many cases, it’s devices like these allowing people to stay in their own homes. Without a bath like this, it could mean they have to sell their property and move into a retirement home.

Overall, we’ve established disabled bathing tubs are ideal for people who want to retain their independence. The investment cost may look high, but think about the long-term and the options available to you. It’s possible to get independent funding from charities and other organisations.

This investment could be the best investment you ever make during the course of your life!