An Important Life Decision | What Car Seat to Choose |

Car seat childAn Important Life Decision | What Car Seat to Choose

One of the most important decisions you will make as a parent is what car seat to buy. While you may want to have a trendy option, other items take precedence. The safety and comfort of your baby are the most important factors.

Here’s an idea for you, choose the safest option and change out the lining. If you don’t like what a brand has to offer in regards to style, change it out.

You want baby to be happy where he or she spends a good amount of time.


In regards to safety, head support is important. Neck support is absolutely of high importance for newborns. Adding in an additional neck support pillow is best for newborns.

Another safety concern is locking the carrying arm into place. If this is not properly secured, baby can get fingers stuck in it. They can also loosen the arm and accidentally wiggle out.

A secure harnessing system also needs to be in place. Active babies can easily get loose in a harness. The latches must be snapped into place properly.

Other safety items to take into consideration:

  • Padding around the harnessing straps

  • Smooth edges

  • No metal parts around the head area

  • A full, retractable canopy for reduced exposure to sun, wind and cold

General Features

There are several general features to look closely at. Babies need ample leg room. If they cannot freely move their legs, it will lead to cranky fits in the car.

Babies must also be able to move their arms and bodies some. The ability for them to move to adjust positioning is important. Feeling restricted makes them unhappy.

Think about room for a favorite toy, a mobile and a bottle. Hanging a mobile from the top of a car seat gives babies a focal point. If they can hit it or play with it, they’ll be occupied while you drive.

Growth Options

Rather than purchasing a single stage car seat, consider one that will grow with baby through the toddler years. Once a child has outgrown a car seat, a booster is needed. The Britax Kidfix is an option when children reach this stage.

Multiple stage car seat options are a good option. The bottoms can adjust to be leaning further back for newborns. As the child grows, the position can be changed to slightly reclining and completely sitting up.


Parents are much more active these days. This means that babies get a lot more time out of the house. Moms like to take babies for strolls and jogs.  For this, you need options.

There are travel systems that offer a few configurations for this purpose. There is a traditional car seat that can be attached to the stroller portion. This is less movement for baby to keep him or her happy.

The car seat portion can also be used in the car, on top of a shopping cart or just on the floor of a room. It is best to get baby strapped into the car seat inside the home and just put the whole apparatus inside the car. It’s less stressful for fussy babies.

Consider the options that are available. Busy families, safety and comfort all play a role in selecting the right car seat or travel system. The basic idea is to keep baby safe and happy.

Remember, you can change out linings and add in additional neck or body support if need be. Liners are washable and some are reversible. This should always leave baby with a comfortable place to sit.

With the options available, baby doesn’t have to be stuck at home and families can do more together.