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Host your Event at the Right Venue

The venue says everything about an event coordinator. It is important to select a venue that fits the occasion. For some coordinators, they select based venues based upon popularity.

While popular locations are a good place to start, it may not be the ideal location for a specific type of event. For instance, a corporate luncheon should be held in a high-class banquet room. A tech event should be held at an innovative, modern location.

Without having to travel to each venue, many are available online to browse photos, pricing information and other details. There is one website to view if you click here, to see hundreds of venues to select from. This will help narrow down the search.

Selecting a Theme

Even with a specific event, a theme should be put into place. With that being said, the theme should correspond to the type of event. This means that you should decorate and plan the menu around the overall theme.

An example would be to plan a menu for a tech convention around using high-tech preparation methods. One option is to make a cold buffet of foods prepared with anti-griddles and liquid nitrogen. Decorate accordingly.

Getting Help with Venue Selection

Selecting a venue on your own may be a difficult task. There are services that can help with venue selection. Representatives know these locations well to make knowledgeable suggestions.

You can also send representatives of your own to visit locations to see how fitting they would be with architecture and overall design. Photos taken of focal points can help decide where to hold the event. The space for the guest list should also be taken into consideration.

Consider the Location in Proximity to Hotels

When an event is bringing in guests from out of town, it is ideal to hold it near hotels, if not in a hotel. It should be either within walking distance or a short taxi ride. Convenience to accommodations is important.

For many guests, being able to attend an event inside a hotel is idea. Not having to walk to a hotel or take a taxi after a few cocktails is more appealing.  More guests from out of town will attend knowing that their accommodations are just an elevator ride away.

Holding an open event near hotels may also bring in more guests.

Try Picking an Easy to Find Venue

Location is everything. The topic of the event should be the spotlight but the location is what’s talked about the most.

Items to keep in mind regarding location:

  • What landmarks are close by?

  • Is it near a major highway?

  • Are there ample dining establishments and services in close proximity?

  • Is the area easy to navigate?

  • What kind of public transportation or taxi service is available?

These items are important to selecting a location. Services, food and amenities in the area make it more desirable. It will also help to advertise the location better.

When advertising, include a map so that the landmarks near the venue are easy to be seen. It will help out of town guests feel less lost since they will have something to look for.

Take into Consideration the Catering Options

If you select a venue that does not offer in-house food services, select catering options carefully. The menu has to complement the event. It also has to offer something for everyone.

At least two vegetarian options should be available. Prior to the event, menu cards can be mailed out for RSVP. This allows guests to select their meal or help decide what options they’d prefer to have.

Catering to everyone can be difficult. In some cases, a catered buffet is the ideal option.

Selecting a venue for an event is the first step in actually planning the activities. With this, create a checklist. It should have a space for guest lists, menus, activities, speakers and setup.

The checklist is a crucial step in ensuring that nothing is missing. If you plan to have audio or visual presentations, secure a rental contract for those components well in advance. Book speakers or guests with back-ups on-hand too.

Making an event memorable begins with the venue. You should choose it wisely so that it is convenient for all of your guests.