Glam Media accepts as a publisher  into their Brash Verical


Recently was featured on Lijit Networks official Blog in the Publisher Spotlight. Samantha Haltman interviewed Josh Bois and Rick Jeffries the co-founders of GlobalGoodNetworks and other associated web properties. Soon after this the fast growing blog network was accepted into Glam Media as a premium publisher within their men’s lifestyle vertical they call Brash. Glam is one of the top paying ad networks in the world and helps monetize billions of website visits a year.

Every month Glam Media advertises to 244 Million unique visitors ( Comscore May 2012 ). As far as their social relevance they just bought NING for $120 Million and they have also received several large undisclosed amount investments.  Our point is that we are glad to have a strong partner on our side to help us innovate new ways to change the world and connect those taking action now.

247RealMedia, a WPP Company, is now also serving Fortune 500 brands’ advertisements on This latest ad partner addition has really started taking off in September 2012.

The deal was not official until July 17, 2012 when the contract was signed by Global Good Executives.

“We are excited to offer our users a better viewing experience with fewer and better advertisers, faster, and more engaging high quality ad experiences with fortune 500 brands.  The increased ad revenue will allow us to invest further in technology and resources to help promote great ideas and news, something we are very passionate about.”



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