Gas Saving Activities for Families |
Gas Saving Activities for Families

Fuel costs have constantly risen for the last few years worldwide. Families are searching for activities that are close by. There are still plenty of things to do to stay active.

Consider local establishments and parks for a family recreation day. You can also visit a new restaurant and walk the neighborhood afterwards. The idea to saving fuel while getting out of the house is getting creative.

Let the kids make a few suggestions. They may have interests that you are unaware of.

Go for a Hike

Take a trek through a local park on a nice afternoon. Take picnic foods and find a serene place to sit and dine. Some parks may offer grilling stations too.

A hike is great exercise for everyone in the family. It is also a way to be out in nature viewing a local area in a new light. You can teach the children a few lessons about trees and plants during the hike.

Make a game of finding items along the trail. Little prizes can be offered when items are identified. This can be anything from an animal to a specific type of leaf.

Make your time outdoors fun.

In-Home Movie Night

A movie night at home is easy with the availability of online movie streaming services. Instant movies can be shown through a gaming console or PC connection. Make the choice something that is family friendly.

The fun of movie night is making snacks. You don’t even have to plan a dinner for that night. Party foods can be healthy and fulfilling.

Ideas for movie night foods:

  • Popcorn mixed with nuts and melted peanut butter

  • Mini bagel pizzas

  • Mini taco bowls

  • Sliders

  • Mini cupcakes

  • Lettuce wraps

  • Chicken Skewers

Go Karting

Families can enjoy karting in their local areas. Most areas have a facility that is not far away. If it is a bit of a distance, make a day trip of it.
Karting facilities often have arcade games and concession areas. This makes the venue a one-stop-shop for food and entertainment. Hours of fun can be had by everyone.

Safety precautions in the way of videos are provided. Some venues offer indoor and outdoor tracks. It is ideal to inquire about age restrictions before arriving.

Visit a Free Museum

Museums often offer free days for families, or at least free admission for kids. Consider this as an option. It is educational for everyone.

Museums of all types are available around the world. History museums show the evolution of an item such as cars, sports and music. Kids are likely to find this a pleasant activity.

Adults are likely to learn something new. Kids will find it amazing to see how things used to be in comparison to how they are now. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

Have a Neighborhood Gathering

You don’t even have to leave the neighborhood to have fun. Consider organizing a block party. Each family could be responsible for a couple of dishes to pass and bringing some meat to share.

Tasting food creations of others sparks conversations. It is likely to start a few new friendships too. Discuss a money saving tip with another mom and get one from her.

Kids can play and make up games of their own. If they stay in the neighborhood they are less likely to find trouble.

Some ideas for a Block Party:

  • Three-legged man races

  • Water balloon tosses

  • Spoon races

  • Touch football

  • Cooking competitions

  • Best decorations

  • Best food spread

  • Best dancer


Visit Local Establishments

There are likely a few local shops that you have yet to visit. Park in a central location and walk about the town. Pop in a few stores or antique shops to see what treasures can be found.

You know what shops to visit, the ones you always wonder; ‘What’s inside that store?’ You may find that the store is far more useful that you thought.  The item you’ve been searching for, for years, may just be inside that door.

Along with the undiscovered shops there’s likely to be an interesting little restaurant to try too. It may look like a dive on the outside, but those establishments usually have the best dishes. Try something new, you might be surprised.

All of the items suggested here are easy on the gas tank. Some of them don’t even require leaving your home or neighborhood. Getting creative and making memories doesn’t have to empty the fuel tank.

It doesn’t hurt to ask the kids what they want to do. Their interests are equally important.

Family affairs, whether they are close by or a short drive, can be fun as long as you make it fun. Treks through park paths are invigorating. Trying new foods and meeting new neighbors is equally fun. It can lead to many more gatherings among friends.