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How to Form a Business Model for Walk in Baths


Walk-in-bathtubsWalk in baths and walk in showers are in great demand today. The elderly and the disabled see the benefits of them. It’s also an ideal business opportunity for charities and manufacturers. To build up a successful business in this industry, it’s necessary to form a proper business model.

What you’ll find below is a simple business model. It illustrates what works and what doesn’t.

 The Basic Business Model

  • Where are you getting the walk in showers from?
  • Who are you selling them to?
  • How are you selling them?
  • How are you going to market your products?

The Sourcing

You first need to source your products. For the majority of businesses, they won’t manufacture them themselves.

Assuming you will be sourcing them from a third-party, you must decide on a brand. It’s okay getting a great deal on bulk sourcing, but it’s pointless if the quality is low.

Search for high-quality baths and showers. Get them for the best price. This is the beginning of your business model. It remains pretty standard for most businesses in this industry.

Your Target Audience

Obviously, this is the easy part of this process. You already know who you’re supposed to sell your items to.

Before you begin marketing, it’s better to target a small slice of the community. When you’re a young business, it’s important to build a reputation first.

The main drawback is you’ll have few return customers. Most people only need to buy your product once and never again. Your priority is bringing in new customers consistently.

Believe it or not, there are multiple audiences you can target. They include:

  • Those who have been involved in debilitating accidents.
  • The elderly.
  • Young disabled people.
  • Disabled people specifically with joint pain.

Who you target will dictate how you market yourself and what benefits you exude.

How Will You Sell Them?

Your business model requires a platform for where you will sell your products. Will you open a shop or sell them online?

In the beginning, the vast majority of people sell them online. They may even work with a company who holds and ships the product on their behalf. With something this big, the storage space of opening a shop will act as a major barrier for any new business.

Marketing Tactics

Based on your audience, you will have to come up with a clever way to market yourself.

We’ve already established in an industry like this you need a constant turnover of new customers. This means the goal is broad advertising over narrow advertising. It’s about sheer numbers and getting your name into the open.

How you do this will depend on the benefits you need to promote.

If you’re targeting your product as a restorative tool for people with joint pain, you will mention the calming water jets.

On the other hand, if it’s targeted at people with mobility problems you’d mention the anti-slip floor and handrails.

What you can’t do is mention every single benefit. Advertisements have to be short and snappy. You’ll only be able to mention one or two points in the few seconds you have someone’s attention.

Only by encouraging people to find out more will you be able to tell people about every benefit.

Wrap Up

Typically, you can expect this to be a highly competitive industry. It’s why most people prefer to take the time to sell as an affiliate. Check out your budget and determine what works for you before you get started.

When done correctly, an investment in this industry can yield significant returns. All it takes is persistence to build up a brand.